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Consulting, workshops, lectures, oh my!

Who might benefit from my expertise?

  Universities, businesses, non-profits, NGO’s and educators interested in environmental literacy and diversity as it relates broadly to sustainability. This includes helping these groups use tools to increase the creative potential of employees, understand other ways of knowing to positively impact diversity and gaining knowledge about nature to enhance sustainability.
  Educators who want to understand the science of a particular process like dyeing, papermaking and more.
  Businesses or Homeowners who want help understanding their home landscapes as they work toward integrating them into and with the state’s habitats.
  Artists who want to understand materials more thoroughly, or who want a collaborative scientific partner with artistic sensibilities

Plants are the primary means by which I connect people to nature, though all organisms are of interest to me. As a way of understanding and translating the world, science is a useful tool -- though artistic endeavors are often needed to open up other ways of thinking. In particular, I believe that hands-on processes help us understand the layers of knowledge needed to live with and among other organisms. Through lectures and workshops, I aim to connect participants to cultures (contemporary and historical) and nature in a unique and life-changing way.

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