Species lists 

Species noted in and around my bog and water gardens:

Six-spotted fishing spider
Green lynx spider
Orchard orbweaver spider
Black and yellow argiope spider (writing spider)
Water beetle
Water strider (not a spider, but a bug that has adapted to ‘rowing’ across water)
Red-spotted purple butterfly
Monarch butterfly
Gray hairstreak butterfly
Tiger swallowtail butterfly
Gulf fritillary butterfly
Great spangled fritillary
Painted lady butterfly
Admiral butterfly
Question mark butterfly
Blue dasher dragonfly
Slaty skimmer dragonfly
Eastern pondhawk dragonfly
Common baskettail dragonfly
Common whitetail dragonfly
Ebony jewelwing damselfly
Blue-fronted dancer damselfly
Phantom crane-fly (amazing creature-looks like a flying star!)
Chinese Praying mantis
Carolina mantid
Mound ant
Fire ant (ick!)
Mosquito larvae (hoping the bladderwort eats them all)

Cricket frog
Leopard frog
Green frog
Green tree frog
Chorus frog
Gray tree frog
Spring peeper 
American toad
Black rat snake
Northern water snake

Tufted titmouse
White throated sparrow
House sparrow
Grasshopper sparrow
Indigo bunting
Ruby throated hummingbird
Dark eyed junco
Mourning dove

Eastern cottontail rabbit
Dog :-)
Cat :-)

© Karen C. Hall, 2010